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Sofas with a click mechanism

May 20
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Sofas of the Click-Klyak design are an opportunity of seven ways of transformation. Created such a miracle-furniture was the French designers and very soon was appreciated in its worth and in Russia. In addition to their ability to change immediately and easily, such couches usually have huge boxes for bedding. That is, such a sofa not only serves as a sleeping place, but also as a closet or chest, where it is convenient to store laundry.

Sofas click the swab

Turn this sofa into bed easily with one movement, and without effort. Convenience and comfort, of course, require careful and constant care. The mechanism for transformation needs regular lubrication and cleaning. But, judging by the reviews about Click-Klyak sofas and their transformation, this does not bring any special trouble to the lucky owners of such unique furniture. It is also attractive that this design can be bought for the children's room, for which special thanks to the developers.

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