User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

The rating of the ovens for the price and quality will make the right choice and buy a practical and functional device for the kitchen. Ovens allow you to quickly and efficiently prepare different dishes from meat, fish, vegetables, bake cakes and baking. The criteria for selecting the best models were: user feedback; technical features of the oven; aesthetic characteristics; optimality of the ratio of price and quality.

Rating of electric and gas built-in ovens

Rating of the best built-in electric ovens

Bosch HBG634BB1 180 Gorenje BO 87 ORA B 180 Siemens HB23AB620R 180 Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX 180
Bosch HBG634BB1 Gorenje BO 87-ORA-B Siemens HB23AB620R Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX
1 mesto
9 oc
2 mesto
8 oc
3 mesto
7 oc
4 mesto
8 oc
Oven type independent independent independent independent
Useful volume of the oven, l 71 60 67 44
Type of oven cleaning traditional traditional hydrolysis hydrolysis
Power connection, W 3650 3300 3500 3350
Convection yes yes yes yes
Grill type electric infrared electric electric
Spitrel no no no no
Number of modes 13 eleven 5 eleven
Microwave function no no no yes
Presence of a defrost program yes yes no yes
Display yes yes yes yes
Thermal probe no no no no
Cooling Fan yes yes yes yes
Child protection system yes yes yes yes
Safety shutdown yes yes yes yes
Timer type with shutdown sound sound with shutdown
Switches sensory sensory heated rotary
Telescopic rails no yes no no
Backlight Camera yes yes yes yes
Oven door type folding folding folding folding
Number of panes in the oven door 3 2 3 3
Height / Width / Depth, cm 59.5 / 59.5 / 56.4 59.5 / 59.7 / 56.5 59.5 / 59.5 / 54.8 45.5 / 59.4 / 54.5

Bosch HBG634BB1 - the best solution from a reliable brand

Bosch HBG634BB1

Bosch HBG634BB1 1m

Bosch HBG634BB1 2m

Bosch HBG634BB1 3m

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

+ Pros of Bosch HBG634BB1

  1. Stylish, modern design: the front panel of the device is made of durable glass. Looks great in the kitchen in the style of high-tech, minimalism.
  2. Easy operation: the touch-sensitive display allows you to quickly and easily set the desired temperature and mode.
  3. The door with microlift provides silent closing.
  4. The inner surface is easy to clean due to the presence of a catalytic coating.
  5. Significant volume: 71 liters.
  6. The model has 13 heating options. The main advantage is the 4D heating function, which was recently available only in premium segment devices.
  7. Affordable cost.
  8. High level of product safety, thanks to special functions: "Child lock", automatic shutdown, electronic lock.
  9. Convenient design.
  10. Energy efficiency class A +.

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

- Cons Bosch HBG634BB1

  1. There are no auto programs.
  2. There is no steam processing function.
  3. Non-heated switches.

Outcomes. Bosch HBG634BB1 - a practical built-in oven with a wide range of operating modes. The device is manufactured in Germany and meets all standards of European quality. The model allows you to cook the usual dishes, pizza, meat using the "Grill" mode. Has - an optimum parity of the price and quality, stylish design, a wide spectrum of modes and simple leaving. Bosch - the best ovens from the manufacturer with excellent reputation.

Gorenje BO 87-ORA-B - stylish and qualitative oven

Gorenje BO 87 ORA Bjpg

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

+ Pros of Gorenje BO 87-ORA-B

  1. Modern stylish design, which will not only be functional, but also a decorative addition to the kitchen environment;
  2. A large number of programs and functions for cooking all kinds of dishes;
  3. The device "remembers" 3 programs;
  4. Convenient timers;
  5. Presence of function of heating of plates;
  6. In stock thermal probe;
  7. High level of reliability and safety of the device;
  8. Convenient touch screen;
  9. Compact parameters;
  10. Economical energy consumption;
  11. A large number of functions allows you to successfully cook any meals;
  12. The model does not require complex maintenance, it is easy to clean from contaminants.

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

- Minuses Gorenje BO 87-ORA-B

  1. The glossy surface of the front panel - for this reason, marking, there remain greasy marks;
  2. A large number of functions, complexity in customization: the number of functions is a matter of taste. This feature is noted by users in both advantages and disadvantages of the model.
  3. High price;
  4. Small volume.

Outcomes. Gorenje BO 87-ORA-B is an electric built-in oven with a stylish design and high quality. A well-known Slovenian manufacturer took care of the efficiency, practicality and aesthetics of the device. In the presence of a large number of useful functions, which need to be understood, to use the device effectively. In the rating of built-in electric ovens for price and quality, the model takes the second place, thanks to its functionality and high-quality execution.

Siemens HB23AB620R - multifunction oven

Siemens HB23AB620R

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

+ The advantages of Siemens HB23AB620R

  1. High build quality and thoughtful design;
  2. Stylish design for the kitchen in the style of high-tech, minimalism;
  3. Simple operation;
  4. Multifunctionality;
  5. Easy maintenance and surface cleaning;
  6. Quiet work;
  7. Extensive set of options for security;
  8. Smooth opening of the door;
  9. The 3D system provides optimal warm-up at three levels;
  10. Timer, multifunction watch;
  11. The outer glass panel is not heated;
  12. Economical power consumption.

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

- The disadvantages of Siemens HB23AB620R

  1. High price;
  2. Absence of telescopic guides;
  3. The temperature indicator informs that the cabinet has heated to the desired temperature, but does not give the current temperature;
  4. Insufficient protection: the child lock is weak;
  5. Heated switches are hidden only when the oven is off;
  6. After the timer turns off, the audible alarm always works until you turn it off.

Outcomes. Siemens HB23AB620R - a modern oven equipped with the necessary functions. The model meets all the norms and quality standards, it is suitable for preparing various dishes, thanks to a wide range of functions. Disadvantages of the model are related to the design features that cause some inconvenience to users.

Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX - practical solution at an attractive price

Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX

Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX 1m

Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX 2m

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

+ Pros of Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX

  1. Not a marking surface, it looks great in the modern interior of the kitchen. The case is made in metallic color, the glass is black.
  2. Compact parameters;
  3. Energy saving;
  4. 11 modes that can be used for cooking a variety of dishes;
  5. High level of security: there is a system "Blocking from children";
  6. The functions of the microwave oven and oven are connected;
  7. Simply understand the management of the device, simple settings;
  8. The most affordable price in comparison with similar ovens from other manufacturers;
  9. The door with triple glass is not heated;
  10. Successful equipment;
  11. Easy maintenance.

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

- Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX

  1. Small volume: depending on the personal needs of the buyer, compactness can be both an advantage and a disadvantage;
  2. The instructions do not have enough information on the management. A buyer who is not used to such a technique is difficult to understand;
  3. Sometimes brings the touch screen;
  4. There is no self-cleaning system;
  5. Lack of light inside.

Outcomes. Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX - convection built-in oven. The Italian manufacturer provided the functionality and guaranteed reliability of the model. Fornelli FEA 60 Duetto mw IX is the most economical option of the built-in ovens in question. Not suitable for those who cook in the oven a large number of dishes - may not be enough volume. The model is attractive in design, functionality and ease of operation.

Rating of the best desktop electric ovens

Polaris PTO 0320GL 180 Supra MTS 2001B 180 Scarlett SC EO93O15 180
Polaris PTO 0320GL Supra MTS-2001B Scarlett SC-EO93O15
1 mesto
9 oc
2 mesto
8 oc
3 mesto
7 oc
Power consumption, W 1380 1300 1600
Heating elements, pcs. 4 2 2
Modes of operation 6th 4 3
Maximum oven temperature, 0FROM 250 250 250
Grill type TEN electric TEN
Thermostat yes no yes
Management type mechanical mechanical mechanical
Sound signal yes yes yes
Volume of the oven 20 20 35
Interior lighting yes no no
Metal Guides yes yes no
Electromechanical twist yes yes no
Opening the door down down down
Door glass single-layer single-layer single-layer
Height / Width / Depth, mm 270/460/300 426/315/2825 518/390/329

Polaris PTO 0320GL - the best desktop model for home and cottages

Polaris PTO 0320GL

Polaris PTO 0320GL 1m

Polaris PTO 0320GL 2m

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

+ Polaris PTO 0320GL

  1. Compact, practical options - the model will be the best choice for a small kitchen area;
  2. Modern design: the model is made in metallic colors and black;
  3. Easy device management;
  4. 6 operating modes of the furnace;
  5. Availability of Grill;
  6. For ease of cooking, the design is equipped with a timer with sound signals;
  7. Effective interior lighting;
  8. Affordable price;
  9. Durable materials, excellent build quality;
  10. The mechanism ensures precise adjustment of all furnace parameters;
  11. Functional when preparing dishes from fish, vegetables, meat and other products.
  12. As the main advantage called the optimal ratio of price and quality.
  13. The device works stably, regardless of the frequency of use.

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

- The Polaris PTO 0320GL

  1. Insufficient volume;
  2. Simple design.

Outcomes. In the rating of electric ovens for the price and quality of Polaris PTO 0320GL takes the first place. The oven is equipped with the necessary functions, which ensure its practicality. It is a compact compact oven for cooking and warming up dishes. You can use it in an apartment or buy a stove for a dacha. Practicality and low cost make the device a leader in its price and functional segment.

Supra MTS-2001B - mini oven with full set of necessary functions

Supra MTS 2001B

Supra MTS 2001B 1m

Supra MTS 2001B 2m

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

+ Pros Supra MTS-2001B

  1. Due to technical features and options, it is suitable for cooking almost any dish from fish, meat, vegetables;
  2. Affordable cost;
  3. Simple and affordable management;
  4. It is easy to clean the oven with a conventional sponge and dishwashing detergent;
  5. Stylish, modern design and compact parameters;
  6. The furnace ensures uniform heating;
  7. There is a function for grilling;
  8. Preparation of dishes does not take much time.

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

- The Supra MTS-2001B

  1. Rustic design;
  2. The upper part of the stove heats up;
  3. There are no rubber stands, so the oven can slide over the smooth surface of the table.

Outcomes. Supra MTS-2001B is a mini oven for a small kitchen with the necessary set of functions for cooking and warming up dishes. Suitable for a modern kitchen interior in an apartment or in a dacha as an alternative to a conventional oven. In an ordinary kitchen, the device will help the hostess cook different dishes with time and effort. Due to the low cost and availability of all useful and necessary options, the oven occupies a confident second place.

Scarlett SC-EO93O15 - the optimal ratio of affordable price and high quality

Scarlett SC EO93O15

Scarlett SC EO93O15 1m

Scarlett SC EO93O15 2m

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

+ Pros of Scarlett SC-EO93O15

  1. Modern design of the device, stylish appearance;
  2. Compact parameters;
  3. Multifunctionality;
  4. Presence of a mode "Grill": allows to prepare meat and fish with a crisp;
  5. Mechanical control system: the usual option, which will ensure the ease of operation of the device;
  6. Attractive cost;
  7. Thoughtful, convenient timer;
  8. Light indicators;
  9. Enough volume;
  10. Provides fast cooking;
  11. Presence of convenient legs-supports;
  12. It is easy to remove impurities.

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

- Disadvantages of Scarlett SC-EO93O15

  1. Too much heat builds up the cabinet during extended operation;
  2. Simple design;
  3. Mechanical control: it is considered not modern in comparison with innovative devices with automatics.

Outcomes. Scarlett SC-EO93O15 - a simple, compact device for the kitchen, allowing you to prepare a variety of dishes quickly and conveniently. This brand produces a technique that has proven itself in the market, as an example of the optimal ratio of price and quality. Scarlett models SC-EO93O15 are noted on the market as the most simple and understandable replacement for the oven. The product is suitable for cottages and houses, a city apartment.

What kind of desktop electric oven did you decide to buy?


Gas Oven Rating

Bosch HGN22F350 180 Fornelli FGA 60 Destro 180
Bosch HGN22F350 Fornelli FGA 60 Destro
1 mesto
9 oc
2 mesto
8 oc
Oven type independent independent
Volume of oven, l 60 54
Grill yes yes
Convection yes no
Number of heating modes 5 3
Grill type electric gas
Switch Type rotary rotary
Thermal probe no no
Timer type sound with shutdown
Electric ignition yes yes
Display yes no
Type of oven cleaning catalytic catalytic
Telescopic rails no yes
Gas control yes yes
Oven door type folding folding
Spitrel yes yes
Cooling Fan yes yes
Number of door glasses 3 3
Protection from children no no
Safety shutdown no yes
Backlight Camera yes yes
Height / Width / Depth, mm 595/595 / - 594/594/560

Bosch HGN22F350 - gas oven from famous manufacturer

Bosch HGN22F350

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

+ Pros of Bosch HGN22F350

  1. Excellent build quality: Bosch - a guarantee of quality and reliability;
  2. Multifunctionality;
  3. Durability and stability of work;
  4. Catalytic purification;
  5. Built-in grill;
  6. Sensible volume of the oven (60 liters);
  7. Thermostat function;
  8. Easily laundered by conventional means;
  9. Ease of operation;
  10. Stylish, modern design;
  11. Thoughtful safety features;
  12. Presence of automatic electric ignition;
  13. Compact parameters;
  14. Convenient touch screen;
  15. Moderate cost.

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

- Disadvantages of Bosch HGN22F350

  1. The model is not equipped with a trip timer;
  2. The oven is not equipped with a thermometer.

Outcomes. The stylish design and availability of the necessary functions make the model Bosch HGN22F350 - the best choice for all users. It allows you to cook, quickly and qualitatively dishes from meat, fish, vegetables, sweet pastries and much more. In the rating of gas ovens for price and quality, the model ranks first. The manufacturer guarantees a consistently high quality of its products. Independent gas oven is equipped with a folding door, fan, lighting and clock. For cooking dishes, there are 5 heating modes.

Fornelli FGA 60 Destro - effective solution for the kitchen in a modern style

Fornelli FGA 60 Destro

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

+ Pros of Fornelli FGA 60 Destro

  1. Stylish, recognizable design: glossy black surface looks great in the kitchen in the styles of high-tech, minimalism;
  2. Convenient management;
  3. Multifunctionality, versatility of the model;
  4. There is an option of electric ignition, timer, Grill mode, backlight;
  5. Security;
  6. Large volume of oven;
  7. Function of catalytic cleaning;
  8. Moderate cost.

User rating of Ovens of electric and gas models

- Fornelli FGA 60 Destro

  1. An awkward pen;
  2. Mark glossy surface of the front panel;
  3. The glass fogs up when the oven is warmed up;
  4. If you do not understand the features of operation, the upper part of the baking will be baked badly, and the bottom - burn out;
  5. Relatively low maximum heating temperature;
  6. According to the users, not all the claimed characteristics are true.

Outcomes. Fornelli FGA 60 Destro is a stylish, independent gas oven, equipped with a full set of useful options for cooking dishes from fish, meat, vegetables, sweet baked goods. The Italian brand took care of the quality of the assembly and the modern design of the device. Most users note the stylish design and considerable volume of the oven. Among the shortcomings are noted ill-considered elements and functions of the device.

What kind of gas oven did you decide to buy?


The collection of goods was made on the basis of opinions, opinions and assessments of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information is taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and trademarks and do not call for the purchase of certain products. The article is informational in nature.

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