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Insulation Shelter

May 20
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At the heart of the Shelter heater technology is the idea of ​​creating a material that does not present any danger at all. In the production of the material, a method of using environmentally neutral polyester fibers has been used. They are fastened together, using hot air, without using harmful chemical substances and substances harmful to human health.

Insulation Shelter

In the development of the Shelter insulation for the first time, the world practice used stable parameters of 4-D technologies. This implies the preservation of all geometric parameters of insulation mats "Shelter" in the specified sizes, determined by the goals of its application.

The parameters of stability, elasticity and strength of the material make it possible to use it in thermal insulation in the most difficult places, where the use of other means of thermal insulation is impossible.

These features make the Shelter insulation irreplaceable in the arrangement of insulation on buildings and structures for which the project provides special requirements for compliance with the thermal regime. Thermal insulation of TM "Shelter" is absolutely ecologically safe, which allows using it in civil construction.

The disadvantages of the product is the need to store it only in dry places and do not allow water to fall on it. Practical advice and feedback on the use of insulation Shelter you can find out below.

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