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What is better is a parquet board or a massive board – comparison of floor coverings

May 20
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Wood floors are warm and eco-friendly, so many choose wood for flooring. But there is often a dilemma: what is better - a parquet board or a massive board, because both coverings are made of wood. To find this out, consider the distinguishing features of each of these wooden flooring materials.

What to choose a parquet board or a massive board

Massive board against parquet - comparison of characteristics

Wooden plank

This kind of flooring is made of a single piece of wood, without the use of glue and synthetic materials.

Massive board
The thickness of the board from the array is not less than 1.5 centimeters.

+ Pros of this board:

  • It is environmentally friendly - except for wood, it contains nothing more.
  • It serves long enough - under normal conditions for at least 70 years.
  • It can be repaired many times - in particular, at least 5 or 6 times of the loop.
  • It keeps the heat well, so the wood floor will not be cold. On it and barefoot you can run, not freezing.
  • Each board has its own unique pattern, which looks very attractive.

- Minuses:

  • With fluctuations in temperature and moisture content in the air, the board can dry up and deform. Therefore, in winter it is necessary to moisten the air in a room with wood floors.
  • Laying floors from wooden boards can not be said that it is cheap. And work, and additional building materials cost a pretty penny.

Way of laying:

First make a screed. Then, a layer of waterproof plywood with a thickness of at least 1.2 centimeters is attached to it with self-tapping screws. This will be the basis. Plywood for reliability is also glued to the screed. Then the boards from the array are glued to the base (the glue is taken for this purpose), additionally twisting the screws at an angle.

Parquet board

The board of this flooring consists of three different layers glued together. The total thickness of the parquet board is about 1.5 centimeters.

Structure of a parquet board
The top layer, made of valuable wood, is usually 3 or 4 millimeters. Cheaper wood is used for internal layers, which make the flooring strong enough and stable, and also resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

+ Pros of the parquet board:

  • Due to the internal compensation layer, the parquet floor is not so afraid of changing humidity and temperature.
  • This board is cheaper than massive.
  • Laying a parquet board is easier than wood floors. To do this, do not even need to attract a specialist - you can also handle it yourself.

- Minuses:

  • The service life of the parquet is shorter than that of a massive plank. After all, the working layer is thin enough, and can only withstand two or three polishes. And if there is a crack or a deep scratch, then parquet (or even a few pieces) will have to be changed.
  • Since there is glue in the composition of the parquet board, it is not necessary to speak about 100% naturalness and harmlessness in this case.

Parquet laying:

Like a laminate, the parquet board is placed on a substrate. The most commonly used floating method of laying. In some cases, glued parquet to the base of plywood, concrete or chipboard.

Compare Prices

Here it should be noted that the cost depends on a particular brand of material. Is on sale as an expensive parquet board and a cheap massive board, and everything is exactly the opposite. Therefore, the price differences between a parquet board and a massive board of different varieties have a wide range. So, for example, you can find parquet for $ 25, and $ 135. And the array - for 40 or $ 180. It depends on the breed of wood, brand and brand of the manufacturer. The more quality the material will be, the more expensive it will be, accordingly.

But to buy the necessary amount of material is not all costs. I'll have to buy some more materials. These additional costs determine the difference in the total cost.

So, for a parquet board the following expenses are provided:

  • Purchase of a substrate.
  • Payment for the master-stacker at the rate of $ 4 per 1 meter.
  • If the floor is uneven, we buy materials for pouring or plywood for leveling.

Expenses for a massive board (except for the click-system, laid down similarly to the parquet):

  • Purchase of plywood sheets for the entire area of ​​the room, screws and glue for its installation.
  • Payment for installation of plywood base.
  • Purchase special glue and a new batch of screws for mounting a massive board.
  • Remuneration of labor of a professional master. Here the work is subtle, requires experience, otherwise the floorboards will creak, swing and fall off. That the floor has served many years, entrust a job to the checked up person.

Eventually: Choosing a parquet or a massive board, remember that the floors of the array will cost quite a lot. The work of a specialist alone will cost from $ 25 to $ 50 per square meter. But you still need to add the cost of the wooden boards themselves, which must be of proper quality.

Which floor is better to use?

Thick wooden floorboards can be polished many times - about twice as much as parquet. After all, here is the working layer, which continues to the groove and the spike, as much as 7 or 8 millimeters. And at a parquet board the top layer more often than 4 millimeters, no more. Therefore, wooden floors can be used twice as long as parquet. There are, however, some nuances. In particular, the humidity and temperature should not fluctuate too sharply. And the work of the master is very important - make sure that everything is done correctly and accurately.

Stability of the material

This feature depends on the type of wood. For example, valuable breeds of especially hard wood can lie for a hundred years without any change. But they are very expensive - not everyone can afford it.

If you try to compare a whole wooden board with a parquet made of the same wood, you can see that the stability of the latter in relation to atmospheric fluctuations is much higher. This is exactly what Gustav Csers sought, inventing in 1941 a three-layer parquet construction. It allows you to minimize the voltage inside such a board. But the array because of this stress can easily exfoliate or crack.

As for the gaps between the boards, they often appear in the massif than in the parquet. To reduce them, the floor boards are made with chamfers at the edges. However, this is also the case with a single-lane parquet board.


Today, a wooden board made of solid wood is an indicator of luxury and prestige. But also there is such a pleasure of considerable money. Therefore, choosing which is better - a parquet board or an array, be guided by the sum of available means, and also on a way of life and an environment. Someone likes to have gorgeous floors, paying no attention to costs. And for someone in the first place - saving and practicality. Or maybe you prefer a reasonable combination of both? Choose - about the main advantages and disadvantages of these floor coverings, you already have an idea.

Video: What to choose - an array or a parquet

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