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Which wallpaper to choose for the hallway or corridor in the apartment – the most important aspects

May 20
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Already at the planning stage of future repairs, when the owners mentally paint a picture of the future renovated interior, look through various catalogs and roam the shops of finishing materials, the most attention is paid to living rooms, while the hall area is undeservedly forgotten.

But the hallway is the face of the apartment, according to which the guests get the first impression of the whole dwelling. As a result, for the hallway, the wallpaper is cheaper, the simplest, the main criterion of choice is not march. This approach can spoil the whole impression of repair. Let's try to figure out which wallpaper should be chosen for the hallway, so that it would be a worthy place for meeting guests.

Which wallpaper to choose for the hallway or the corridor in the apartment - 3 important aspects

What types of wallpaper are best for the hallway

The walls in the hallway are most susceptible to contamination, which can contribute to dust and dirt introduced from the street, pets, small children. Sooner or later on the walls of the corridor there are unpleasant stains, stains and drops. Therefore, when choosing the type of wallpaper, preference should be given to washable types.

According to the degree of water resistance wallpaper can differ in three types. To determine it, just look at the icons on the label.

  • Wallpapers with one wave on the label - loving careful care. Wipe them best with a soft cloth made of microfiber or suede.
  • Two waves - mean that the wallpaper is moisture resistant, they can be wiped with a damp cloth when cleaning.
  • Three waves - washable wallpaper, you can take care of them with the help of cleaning products. The strongest wallpaper on the label has a brush icon.

1. An excellent option for a corridor can be vinyl wallpaper. The surface of these wallpapers is very strong and easily tolerates various kinds of mechanical influences. The texture of vinyl wallpaper allows you to hide the unevenness of the walls and prevent the occurrence of cracks, which is important for new buildings. The basis of vinyl wallpaper is usually non-woven. It is a non-woven material, resistant to inflammation and bursting.

2. Another variant of the hallway wallpaper is silkscreen. This vinyl wallpaper on a paper base with a top layer of strong silk threads. These wallpapers are characterized by a long service life and easy maintenance.

3. If you are a supporter of innovative solutions and wondered which wallpaper to choose for the hallway, you can pay attention to the liquid wallpaper. They are a dry mixture, which is diluted with water and applied to the wall with a spatula.

4. The modern market of finishing materials offers a rather wide variety in the color and texture of liquid wallpaper. The main advantages of this material - antistatic effect, increased sound and heat insulation, ease of care. In the corridor with liquid wallpaper on the walls it will be enough to remove the contaminated area with a spatula and apply a new layer that will dry up and merge with the base layer.

5. Another innovative material among wallpapers is glass mosaic. They look gorgeous on the walls. Their main feature is that they can be painted in any color you like after gluing. And you can do this several times, with each contamination, which is especially important for the hallway. Also, you can change the color of the walls at will at any time and without much expense. Obsolete paint can be removed with a solvent, and glass mosaic can easily be transferred to a mechanical brushing.

6. Not very common, but there is a kind of wallpaper that is successfully used in the hallway - wallpapers from natural materials (cork, bamboo, palm leaves). They can be used as wallpaper for a corridor in an apartment with an eco-friendly interior. Their main disadvantage is the high price, so you can use them, combining with other, more budgetary types of finishing materials.

Video: The corridor in the Japanese style of natural materials

Choose colors, colors and wallpaper for the corridor

An important role is played by the color of the wallpaper. So beloved by many shades of white will not be long to please the eye in the hallway, quickly becoming dirty and taking a dirty look. The dark walls in the hallway without windows, in turn, will give the room a gloomy and uncomfortable appearance.

Here the main thing is not to go to extremes and pick up a neutral color, for example - lilac, deep blue, brown-orange. To ensure that the dust and dirt do not spoil the look of the walls, you can resort to variegated wallpaper. In this case, the background should be light, and the picture - contrast-dark.

Light background and dark wallpaper pattern
An example of a hallway with wallpaper with a light background and dark contrast, an abstract pattern. Photo -

The color and pattern of the wallpaper can also be selected depending on the desired effect. For a small hallway, you should select wallpaper with a small pattern, a large ornament can visually reduce the space.

Fine wallpaper
The hallway is covered with wallpaper with a fine pattern.
Photo -

You can also use two types of wallpaper, the lower and upper parts of the walls are pasted with different wallpaper, laying a curb between them. In this case, the wallpaper should be the same color and texture, but the bottom should be darker than the top. At low ceilings choose wallpaper with vertical stripes, and at too high - with horizontal. Clear horizontal lines can visually expand the narrow space of the hallway.

Horizontal wall division in the hallway
An example of an anteroom with horizontal combination of walls in the hallway.
Photo -

There are also special types of wallpaper with a metal pattern, which has a smooth mirror surface. Reflective patterns on the walls will expand the narrow corridor and give it chamber luxury.

Another great option for wallpaper, which you can choose for a small hallway - wallpapers. They can be depicted the perspective of the city, or the landscape. Look great in the corridor of wallpaper with the image of stairs, all kinds of paths and bridges that go into the distance.

Photo wallpapers in the hallway
The application of photo wallpapers in the hallway.
Photo -

With the help of colors and patterns on wallpaper, you can emphasize the advantages of space, and draw extra attention to its shortcomings. Repeated geometric motifs in the form of strips or figures can emphasize wall irregularities, slanting angles and uneven ceiling. The same effect can give light monochrome walls.

If you want to hide the flaws of the walls and ceiling, use the wallpaper, which shows a non-repeating large print with unexpected color effects. Excellent reception for visual expansion of a narrow corridor - pasting opposite walls with different wallpaper. At the same time, let the color scale be either combining or contrasting. But the texture of the wallpaper is better to choose the same for both walls.

The choice of wallpaper depending on the overall design of the hallway

When choosing wallpaper for the hallway, you should also consider the overall design of the apartment.

1. If the rooms are planned to be designed in a classical style, then the hallway should be given a strict, conservative appearance. Here, a natural tree, solid walls and a light ceiling are suitable.

2. If the apartment uses the Art Nouveau style, then in the corridor will be appropriate mirrors, metal shine on lighting fixtures, metal accessories doors and furniture.

3. Admirers of eco-style will use natural materials used in the hallway. As a rug under the door you can use a shallow box with the pebbles in it, the wallpaper can mimic a natural stone. In this hallway, you can also use natural wallpaper, highlighting them as separate zones. For example, the entrance area can be decorated with bamboo or stone. It is very appropriate to decorate the walls with hanging flower pots with some unpretentious plant preferring shaded spaces.

In a word, the hallway is the place where everyone who comes to your house will put his first impression of you and your home. Therefore, it is worth paying more attention to this zone and trying to make it unique, emphasizing the individuality of the apartment and the character of its inhabitants.

Video: Corridor - interior design

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