Brick in the kitchen: You have to see these 10 ideas!

Whether the cool loft in the city, the charming country house or a flat in a minimalist style: Brick fits almost every interior and gives our rooms
individual and comfortable appearance. Especially in the kitchen
Bricks increasingly popular and open up countless opportunities in the
Layout. For it has long ceased to be just the red-and-brown classics that
you see in houses and apartments. Other colors such as white
create modern kitchen dreams with a touch of rustic charm.

But it's not just that
Optics that make brick something very special. Added to that is a
is extremely resistant and quite inexpensive material. If you
have not come to the taste, we have 10 fantastic today
Ideas in the luggage that show how diverse and beautiful brick
Actually, and how to use it in the kitchen is a unique
To create flair.

1. Rustic kitchen with modern accents

It's no longer just rustic environments where brick finds a place. In this example, traditional materials such as wood and brick have been combined with modern details, such as white hanging lamps. We think the mix is ​​just perfect!

2. Traditional charm

How beautiful the red-brown bricks work in a rustic kitchen, shows us this example. This is an additional kitchen next to the outdoor area, which convinces by a natural charm.

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3. Modern kitchens

Our next example is a modern kitchen with shiny black surfaces and stainless steel fittings. Here, too, it is the mix of modernity and rustic cosiness that characterizes the charm of the kitchen.

4. Different colors

As already mentioned, there are very different brick variations. Here we see flat, smaller bricks that pick up the colors in the kitchen with their different nuances and thus create a special yet harmonious overall picture.

5. Colorful

Here, a partition made of colorful bricks was integrated. A wonderful way to separate different living areas.

6. Dark tones

Even dark bricks, such as the gray and black variants in this example, create a welcoming ambience. The whiteness of the walls and the wooden elements create an effective contrast to the darker colors and make the kitchen appear bright and friendly.

7. Less is more

Brick is a great accent and does not have to be added to the whole kitchen. Here is an example where the kitchen wall between the cabinet and the worktop was embellished with traditional bricks. A true highlight that gives the modern kitchen a very own flair.

8. Behind the shelves

You want a very special look for your shelf? All you need is a brick wall and an open shelf with built-in lights that really showcase the material of the wall.

9. Brick and wood

We've already seen that brick works wonderfully as a single accent. But the entire kitchen can also be equipped with the tiles. Especially in combination with wood creates a space full of warmth and coziness.

10. The industrial look

In our latest kitchen, shiny modern stainless steel surfaces meet a wooden worktop and a traditional brick wall. A mixture that gives a cool industrial style, yet is wonderfully comfortable.

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