Scandinavian furniture to fall in love with

Scandinavian furniture has a very special charm, with which it has for decades the hearts of design fans around the world
conquer. No wonder, these are pieces of furniture that
refreshingly calm, earthed and relaxed a homely and cozy
Create atmosphere, naturalness and radiate warmth and communicate with you
clean lines and the no-frills design language any interior design style and
customize each apartment. The combination of freshness and coziness, out
Cool style and uncompromising functionality make Scandinavian furniture that way
popular. We brought you ten examples today, with their relaxed ones
Charm and its Nordic serenity also guarantees to conquer your heart.

Furniture with retro flair

Our Stuttgart experts from Baltic Design Shop Produce modern retro furniture in the Scandinavian design of the 60s, emphasizing cool design, high quality and practical functionality. Their shelves, sideboards, tables, sofas and Co. are reminiscent of Scandinavian furniture from the 1960s through their simple, unfussy design language, the natural materials and the choice of colors. The sideboard in the photo can also be used as a TV cabinet, because on the rear wall there is an opening for cable management. It is equipped with three sliding doors that are flexible and have different colors on both sides.

Scandinavian design classic

Scandinavian furniture design is by no means a fashion phenomenon of our time. Quite the contrary: It was already created in the 1950s as a design movement of simple formality, minimalism and functionality. One of the founding fathers of the resulting modernism was the Dane Arne Jacobsen, Architect and industrial designer, who made his own style a trend by combining the austere, clean lines of modernity with organic curved forms from nature. This combination is reflected in many of his designs, whose design language is based on animals or plants. For example, his Ant-, Egg- and Swan-Chairs to timeless classics that are now cult status and enjoy great popularity with design fans around the world. If you are looking for exclusive originals, you should consult our experts frankfurt minimal - fine opportunities drop by a few pieces of Arne Jacobsen and other Scandinavian cult designers in the range.

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pure nature

Scandinavian furniture is often made of local solid wood. Especially light woods such as pine, birch or spruce make up the Scandinavian style of furnishing and give it its characteristic warmth, comfort and a natural freshness. The love of renewable and recyclable raw materials, too warm wood, bright colors and unfussy functionality have also our Berlin experts of ekomia written on the flag. Its solid wood Luke bed impresses with its simple, purist design, is made of wood from sustainable forestry and offers sufficient space for two people and an integrated shelf and compartments with practical storage space.

Refined all-round genius

(Multi) functionality is an important aspect in the Nordic-inspired interior design style. Scandinavian furniture captivates with simple elegance and unfussy look, but always the function is the focus. Furniture that only looks beautiful but is not really usable in all its optical finesse does not exist in the Scandi style. On the contrary: Especially popular are models that can not only be used in one way. Like this cool stool from the house Nordic function. His name already reveals it: Not just a table not only serves as a side table or shelf, but also turns into a comfortable stool in a jiffy. All you have to do is turn the table top over to get a comfortably upholstered seat.

Flexible and adaptable

The shelving system presents itself similarly clever, flexible and super functional Split from Neuvonfrisch, Made of solid ash wood and reminiscent of Scandinavian furniture with its reduced, but elegant and filigree design language. The natural elegance is coupled with almost limitless variations: Split can be extended almost endlessly in height and width and provided with sliding doors or seat cushions at will. The perfect all-purpose weapon for every room and every style of furnishing!

Chic and functional

Scandinavian furniture has long since made it far beyond the borders of the Scandinavian countries and conquers the hearts of design lovers all over the world. Even the Swiss can not escape the special charm of Nordic furniture. Your online shop HELSINKI DESIGN specializes in Finnish and Scandinavian design characterized by functionality and clear lines. Here we see the Mammoth armchair, which invites you to relax and unwind with its cozy, comfortable look. The chair, which is made in typical Scandinavian minimalism, is made of sturdy oak wood and is handcrafted.

Reinterpretations of old classics

The natural purism and simple elegance that make up Scandinavian furniture may have their origins in the Nordic countries, but post-war Germany has also relied on functional furniture design and unfussy minimalism. The German architect Egon Eiermann has made a lasting impression on a design generation with his furniture design. No wonder, then, that his work is still taken up today and reinterpreted in modern furniture creations. Our experts from Form friend Holzmanufaktur have designed a desk that suits the furniture classics of Egon Eiermann takes on a role model and with its simple style, high-quality oak wood and stable functionality is in no way inferior to Scandinavian design furniture.

Timeless and sustainable

The harmony of aesthetics and functionality is in the designs of the WHITEAOAK GROUP AG in the centre. Their pieces of furniture are made of sustainable, warm solid wood and convince with the timeless, natural elegance that is so typical of Scandinavian furniture. The products are crafted with great attention to detail and natural materials from controlled and renewable sources - all aspects that Scandinavian designers have been placing great emphasis on for many decades.

Intensive or discreet: Scandinavian color worlds

This sofa from the house My furniture is a tribute to the designs of the Danish designer Finn Juhl, which has significantly influenced the Scandinavian design in the 1940s and 50s. With its unmistakable retro vibe and clear Nordic charm, the sofa fits perfectly in modern homes. You can choose between many different colors and color combinations, which cover the typical color palette, which plays a major role in the Scandinavian decor style: In addition to subtle natural shades such as white, gray and sand are mainly gentle pastel shades, but also bright, intense and expressive colors and graphic Template.

Filigree elegance

Finally, we brought you a side table, proving that Scandinavian furniture does not always have to be made entirely of light solid wood. Of the minimate triangle Table of son of nils enchants with its clear shape and the floating character of the tabletop and complements any seating by a shapely storage space. The tabletop is a 18 mm thick Finnish birch plywood panel with a white elegant and double-sided protective melamine coating, the curved legs and the mounting plates are made of stainless steel and make the side table very delicate and filigree.

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