Small semi-detached house gets stunning cultivation

With its classic front view, it is not surprising that this house is not necessarily trusted to have fantastic surprises inside or on the back. But care, completely wrong! In fact, the house was changed so dramatically that you can only be amazed by the result! 

From a simple family home with three rooms and a bathroom was a luxury home with five bedrooms and three bathrooms and a cellar. The original garage was preserved and converted into a freestanding motorcycle zone, the basement became the gym and wine cellar. Let's take a closer look at this incredible transformation - who knows, maybe you discover so much untapped potential in your own home!

Inconspicuous facade

Nothing is more exciting than dramatic changes that preserve the original charm of the house, and that's exactly what we find in our British neighbors, in London, where today's remodeling project stands. At first glance, the transformation is barely noticeable. The team of experts around Paul Wiggins Architects was very careful not only to implement the wishes of the client, but also to preserve the ordinary façade. This has avoided that the house stands out too much from the existing buildings and the neighbors affected. This passionate and professional approach was ideal for creating an unusual addition. 

Modest rear view

Looking at the property from the backside gives you a sense of how much space it actually holds. However, the simple extension leaves no conclusions about the new extension. 

The small and fairly simple conservatory was demolished, leaving plenty of room for development opportunities. An important point, because the builders were more rooms, a usable basement and additional bathrooms desired. How exactly the architects have fulfilled this wish and how the house looks now, you will learn in the next pictures. In any case, the existing space was used perfectly. 

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Anything but normal

If needed for so much more space, it would have been easy for the architects to build a full-height extension to the house that adapts to the original style exactly. Instead, they decided on a completely different approach and decided to use the existing space in the garden and under the house. 

The result is a stylish extension with lots of glass. At first glance, it may look like a modern winter garden, but it is much more than that. Even from the outside, its sheer size and unusual shape can be guessed at. But wait until you see it from the inside!

Spectacular spacey

If you look at the interior of the house, it becomes clear that the view from the outside does not suggest such an ultramodern interior! Incredibly spacious, bright and cutting-edge, the glass extension presents itself without disturbing the traditional front view of the house.

A luxurious kitchen-dining area brings new life to the once boring and desolate porch. The many glass makes the room wonderfully bright, noble materials ensure the highest comfort.

New perspectives in the kitchen

Before we admire the kitchen, we take a closer look at the incredible glazing of the cultivation. Not only the side walls, but even large parts of the ceiling area are designed in the transparent material. If you look at it yourself, you would never think that this modern extension is connected to a semi-detached house from the 1920s.

The kitchen has been kept sleek and shiny and radiates a minimalist look with its white coloring. The large kitchen island zoned the entire area and still leaves plenty of free space, which makes the room look bigger. 

Something else

Not every house has one, but after marveling at the great new addition, we are not the least bit surprised that this house has one. Residents have had a freight elevator installed to transport heavy goods from one floor to the next,. So they can easily bring their beloved motorcycles in the basement.

The ground floor

What do you integrate into a house that already has everything? A sports area and a wine cellar of course. Below the living area, the owners of the house can enjoy a well-equipped gym, store their bikes and show off their motorcycles when not in use.

Equally high-quality, is the wine cellar. Just imagine the atmosphere between the fresh, white walls, the dimmed light and the many noble drops.

After dark

If the glassy and expansive cultivation is very impressive even in daylight, the effect of the lighting in the dark is its full effect. The locals obviously like it colorfully and decided instead for standard yellow for sparkling pink and blue. So beautifully lit, the room is ideal for parties and other occasions. Thanks to a large TV, the extension is also the perfect home theater.

A view that impresses

Even from the outside, the glass extension looks good in the dark. The ingenious lighting concept brings the unusual house extension to its best advantage. The gentle yellow in combination with the dynamic blue may be extraordinary, but guarantees an eye-catcher from which it is difficult to avert his eyes.

Another great house cultivation you can marvel at here!

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