Trend colors for Christmas 2015

If you started a survey on the subject of typical Christmas colors, would probably be the usual suspects like green, red, white
and gold at the top of the popularity scale. After all, probably belong to
most of us green fir trees, red and golden balls and whiter
Snow as well as the favorite Christmas memories from childhood like
delicious cookies and great gifts. But as much as we traditions and customs
love at Christmas time, as modern trends are so seductive
us. And who actually claims that you can not get away with Christmas over time
do not go and try something new ?! Christmas in red,
After all, everyone can get green and gold! We treat the typical Christmas colors
Take a break this year and dedicate yourself to the hottest and the best
coolest trends. Here are the six trendiest trend colors for
Christmas 2015.

Copper is the new gold

Gold is one of the most popular colors in the Christmas season. No wonder, because it looks particularly festive, glamorous and dips the entire room in a very special, atmospheric shine, especially in conjunction with candles and fairy lights. This year, however, the noble classic gets serious competition, because the no less elegant, but still warmer and a little more modern-looking copper conquers the hearts of Christmas fans and decoration experts by storm. Copper has been super hip in interior design for a while now and can be found on lamps, vases, candlesticks and more in the homes of trendy hobby decorators. So it is not surprising that the reddish shimmering metal now has its big performance at Christmas time. It is in the form of candles, balls, ribbons and other decorative elements just too good on the Christmas tree, on the table decoration or the Advent wreath. The great thing about copper is that it can be perfectly combined and is therefore also an option for those who do not want to completely abandon classic Christmas colors.

White Christmas

As already mentioned, white is a typical Christmas color, which stands for purity, innocence and peace and symbolizes not least the snow so longed for at this time of the year. Mostly white is used in combination with other tones, but this year the focus is clearly on pure, radiant and unadulterated white in white. The all-over white look has long been a big issue in stylish designer apartments and trendy flat-roof villas, and even now at Christmas, the non-color works perfectly as a solo artist. If you want to turn your home into a white winter wonderland this year, you will reach out to white balls, candles, stars and fairy lights and, best of all, wrap your fir tree with snow from the spray bottle in a white robe. Our tip: To make sure that the whole thing does not look too clean and sterile at the end, you should definitely bring different textures into play, ie work with shiny and matt decorative objects, bring white skins, wool and lace into play, combine velvet and silk, white stained wood Add to that, make rough and fine faces. This creates a cozy, warm and festive atmosphere in all the colorful monotony.

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Natural shades of brown

When it comes to decorating our four walls, we take more and more examples of Mother Nature. Wood is one of the most popular materials for both furniture and floors, facades and accessories. The turn to nature is also reflected in this year's Christmas trends. More and more people are letting shiny balls and glittering stars in the closet and instead resort to neutral, reduced and simple alternatives made of high quality and sustainable wood. The great thing: what nature pretends outside the window can not look bad inside our home. So we combine different shades of brown and wood species to rich fir green and complete the whole with self-collected pine cones, berry branches, chestnuts and branches - finished is the natural Christmas dream without any dusty classics, superfluous kitsch or short-lived trends.

Rosé and other pastel nuances

At Christmas, rich, dark colors such as fir green, claret and dark blue are everywhere in focus. The winter actually brings quite different nuances to the fore: frosty pastel shades like ice blue and cool rosé are just as popular with designers and manufacturers of fashion and home accessories. They create a soft, gentle and friendly atmosphere in the room and, especially in combination with the relaxed-natural Scandinavian look, are very popular with everyone who has enough of overloaded pomp and over-the-top kitsch and wants to approach the Christmas season calmly and discreetly instead , Mint green, vanilla yellow, lilac and rosé are no longer reserved exclusively for spring, but now conquer the Christmas trees of the Republic - and make a very outstanding figure.

Rosé and other pastel nuances

At Christmas, rich, dark colors such as fir green, claret and dark blue are everywhere in focus. The winter actually brings
quite different nuances to the fore: Frosty pastel tones
like ice blue and cool rosé are just as popular with designers
and manufacturers of fashion and home accessories. They create a delicate,
gentle and friendly mood in the room and especially enjoy in
Combination with the relaxed-natural Scandinavian look great
Popular with all those who have had enough of overloaded splendor and
over-the-top kitsch and instead the Christmas time quite calm and
want to tackle discreetly. Mint green, vanilla yellow, lilac and rosé are so
no longer reserved exclusively for spring, but conquer
now also the Christmas trees of the republic - and make a whole
excellent figure.

shades of grey

Gray is clearly the hottest trend color of the year - not only in literature, but also in interior design. Boring, dreary and bleak was yesterday, today presents the former stepchild of the color world sexy and multi-faceted in more than 50 shades and twisted all trend-conscious hobby furniture backers quite properly the heads. No wonder, then, that it has managed to get gray in all its nuances under the Christmas tree. If you want to decorate your living room so stylishly and modernly this year, you will get stars, balls, candles and Co. in trendy gray home. So that the whole thing still receives a festive touch, we recommend some silver accents, because even a tree in cool gray gray may be a little glittering at Christmas time.

Just make it blue

Our last trend color for Christmas 2015 does not seem to have much to do with Christmas at first glance - and it still works great when you first get involved with it. Blue was already in summer in all conceivable shades of turquoise to azure and from sky blue to navy very big. Now it's back to our four walls just in time for Christmas and it's more than glamorous. Experts recommend that you combine different nuances in different textures to get a really festive look. By the way, blue works particularly well with noble metal nuances like silver, copper or classic gold.

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